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Closing Down

Hi everyone!

I’ve had this blog for almost three years now, since I started watching Supernatural, and it’s been wonderful but unfortunately all good things must come to an end.

My work load at university has become too much recently, with pressure from my parents to do better at basically everything and a few added health issues, and I don’t feel like I’ll be able to continue managing this blog or any of my other sideblogs at a consistent rate anymore so I felt that rather than neglecting it and posting a few things here and there, that I’d rather leave on a high (as I’ll be doing with a lot of my other sideblogs too).

I’m going to be leaving it open, as an archive, and if my situation changes I might think about coming back.

I’ll still be posting sporadically over on my main blog, disasterwithin.

It’s been a blessing. Bye x


dean meme: ten quotes [1/10] » “sammy, it ends bloody or sad. that’s just the life.”


you don’t know pain until you fall in love with dean winchester. 

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